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The Benefits

Help for you is at hand with Eldermera.  We give you a single point of contact to organise all of your elderly care needs, the legal matters, the financial aspects and the effective delivery of that care.

It means you do not have to deal with solicitors, private care providers or the NHS, because Eldermera does that all for you.


Perhaps you’re in full time work or balancing childcare with a job, whilst striving to take care of an elderly parent of relative?

Do you live miles away from a family member who needs full time or regular care due to mental or physical incapacity?

You may be looking after a brother or sister who has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Or are you helping a close elderly friend with long term care needs because they have no family left to rely on?

The results speak for themselves

For an indicative cost of £1,030 + VAT, here are some examples of what our care advocates can achieve on your behalf:

Mrs D’s family recouped almost £120,000 in care costs from an appeal lodged trough the NHS disputes process.

Mrs T was placed in a care home with a nil ‘top-up’ contribution negotiated and a follow-up service organised to carry out regular checks

Mr S was awarded hi NHS care funding currently and retrospectively, and all of his care fees already paid were refunded.

You can find more details on these testimonials here

One complete service

Our specialist team of elderly care experts can do all the legwork for you, from choosing a care home and sorting out legal documentation through to ensuring eligibility for NHS continuing care and organising the support services you need.  We can also look at your financial circumstances and come up with effective strategies to help you or your loved ones meet the costs of ongoing care.

With Eldermera, you benefit from:

A clear understanding of the legal and financial options for care services and funding availability.

Manageable, affordable care packages for achieving better long term elderly care outcomes

Tailored legal and financial solutions to help cover costs of ongoing long term care.

A range of legal, financial and care support, including completion of complex, time consuming paperwork.

So if you need someone to turn to who has all the answers for long term elderly care, call Eldermera today on 0330 022 5778 (standard landline rates) or 0207 030 4923 to book a free consultation.