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Provision of Care

Leading you through the maze of all aspects of elderly dementia care provision.

The Eldermera network includes a legal team with specific expertise and working knowledge of the law regarding long term care arrangements for dementia patients, advanced care planning and all the legal and financial instruments you will need.


Our specialist care advocates work closely with our lawyers and solicitors so that you get a unique view from a single point of contact on what is required to ensure that your ongoing care needs or those of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia are met. You can rest assured that we will do all the legwork for you and guide you through the legal and financial complexities of care provision and its associated costs.

Our knowledge of the Mental Health Act, of how care homes are monitored and regulated, of how the NHS assesses continuing healthcare funding and of all the legal steps and financial management measures you will need to take, means that you can rely on our team to get you the most positive outcomes for your care.

“Whatever your long term care provision needs, Eldermera’s network of care advocates, solicitors and financial planners can help you decide on the best course of action.”

There are so many complex requirements associated with long term care for dementia, and our network has experience in all of these areas. Sometimes we are asked to lead an appeal against a declined application for NHS funding after formal assessment, taking our client through the NHS dispute process to secure full and/or retrospective funding.

Another example might be where our care advocates are asked to make a hospital visit for an assessment of the level of care required for a patient when they are discharged, including finding them a suitable, nearby care home.

We recognise that every single case we deal with is different: some people simply need our legal team to organise Lasting Power of Attorney documentation, others want to make a Will before their condition deteriorates.

You may need support to get a case passed smoothly through the Court of Protection (COP), legal assistance over a dispute about ongoing care costs or financial planning advice on how to cover the future costs of your care or that of a family member.

Our network includes professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds in health and social care, from nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers through to solicitors and financial advisors who specialise in care provision and advocacy.

We are equally comfortable and adept at working with mental health teams, NHS hospital staff or allied healthcare professionals to get you the care provision you need. We know what legal measures you will need to implement, and we can advise and guide you on financial issues such as home equity release to cover care costs.

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