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Financial Guidance

Financial planning to help you cover the ongoing costs of long term elderly care.

When a loved one experiences health issues, especially when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is difficult to maintain other responsibilities such as managing their financial affairs and financial planning becomes increasingly important for the elderly.

Understanding the complexities of various financial products that have often been collected over many years can also be a challenge. It is easy to lose track or not fully understand these financial instruments and what they mean. Getting to grips with your current assets is pivotal to ensuring the best care outcomes for now and the future.

Reviewing your assets and financial strength

Working in partnership with expert financial advisors Lloyd and Co, Eldermera can provide you with a full portfolio review confirming and explaining all current assets held – completely free of charge.

This report will give you a platform from which to move forward. You will be fully appraised on each individual holding and gain a comprehensive understanding of all the options open to you and your loved ones. By getting to grips with your current assets, we can give you the requisite financial guidance so that you can put together more sustainable packages of care.


“If you are facing the likelihood of having to fund your own long term care costs, our financial planning consultants can provide you with a range of options.”


We recognise this is a sensitive time for you and your family.

With compassion and understanding, we give you peace of mind by prioritising your needs and ensuring your investments are appropriate to your changing circumstances. During the financial review process, we can also identify issues such as:

  • Unstructured assets under many different providers
  • Tracking down mislaid investments
  • High investment risk and potential financial losses
  • Poor investment performance or inflexible products
  • Unnecessary high charges which you may not need to pay
  • Tax complications and where tax efficiency changes can be made
  • Incorrect trust planning or no existing trust to protect assets for the future

Structured financial planning

Working with Lloyd and Co, Eldermera will provide you with an understanding of existing assets and options available, allowing informed decisions to be made, with a structured financial plan to maximise your investments and ensure the better care outcomes for now and the future. This includes:

  • Free review of existing investments and assets and options analysis
  • Funding immediate or future long term care requirements
  • Maximising return and minimising tax to ensure preservation of assets
  • Ensuring investments are appropriate and working hard
  • Top up care fees to keep your loved one in the best care available
  • Protection of assets for the next generation
  • Consideration of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on death
  • Raising capital from property.

Why we work with Lloyd & Co:

  • Directly FCA authorised
  • Chartered & whole of market independent
  • Qualified specialists in financial planning for long term care & equity release
  • A multi skilled established and experienced team.

Funding methods for immediate or future long term care.

We can explore the potential for releasing equity from your home to cover the costs of ongoing care, or we can look at ways in which to apply existing investments or assets as generators of a regular or fixed income. For example, that could mean taking out a long term annuity for care.

Equity release schemes usually come under the categories of lifetime mortgages or home reversions.  They can be worth considering if the person requiring care support wants to be looked after in their own home. Home equity release funding can be made available in the form of a regular ‘drawdown’ facility with the service provider or via a lump sum which could be used to pay directly for care costs or to generate an income through an annuity.

Our financial planners can advise you on the purchase of long term care or ‘immediate needs’ annuities.  These types of investments are designed to give you a regular stream of income to cover the long terms costs of care. They are especially of relevance to dementia and Alzheimer’s patients because they have been designed to bring you a guaranteed income amount for the rest of your life.

Certain annuities will include some form of money-back guarantee which offers you various caveats and protections, for example if you were to pass away earlier than expected, and there are other ways to make additional up-front payments to protect the lump sum you invested.

These can be quite complicated investments on which to base the coverage of your care costs, which is why it is imperative that you speak to a team of qualified experts.

Whether you are caring for a family member with dementia, a close friend with Alzheimer’s or a relative with mental or physical incapacity, we can help you put in place manageable and affordable care packages and complete all the paperwork for you.

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