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Signs of ageing

Five changes brought on by ageing and how they differ from symptoms of dementia

As the average age of the onset of dementia is around 80 years, it can be hard to distinguish some ...
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Carehome help

How to choose a care home

For many people, moving a loved one with dementia into a care home is a last resort. The unfamiliar surroundings, ...
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Communicating with someone who has dementia

Interacting with dementia: Communicating with someone who has dementia

If you live with someone who has dementia, you may find that communicating with the person becomes more difficult over ...
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10 things to consider when your partner has Alzheimer’s

Currently, there are around 670,000 unpaid carers of dementia in the UK, with many caring for their partner. Whether you ...
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Old man receiving bad news from doctor

How respite care can help you and your family

Being a carer is a rewarding and selfless role, and if you’re a full-time carer, you know first-hand the level ...
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Alzheimer's awareness month

First steps to take when you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

When you or your loved one has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, there’s no easy way to take this ...
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Happy elderly couple

What to do when someone with dementia can no longer make decisions for themselves

A diagnosis of dementia places a strain not only on the person trying to cope with the condition, but also ...
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Interacting with dementia: Family activities to do together

Dementia is characterised by impairment of memory, communication, and a reduced ability to make informed decisions. Many elderly people with ...
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Woman Helping Senior Neighbor To Remove Jar Lid

Interacting with dementia: 5 ways of supporting a person with dementia in everyday life

When a friend or relative is diagnosed with dementia, it is normal to feel uncertain of how to interact with ...
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Interacting with dementia: How dementia in the family changes your relationships

Dementia doesn’t just affect the patient – their loved ones will also find that their lives will change, especially anyone ...
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