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How We Work

How our elderly care services work for you

Eldermera is a unique package of services offering you a vital bridging link between long term care planning and advocacy and the associated legal and financial arrangements.

We have established our care network to allow you much easier access to all the medical, legal and financial expertise you will need to plan long term care, especially for people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our package of elderly care services has been designed to help you achieve better care outcomes, all via a single point of contact.

Our network has a wealth of experience, expertise and training to help put older people and their families at greater ease when dealing with complex care decisions, and the legal and financial issues associated with elderly care.

Our Simple Three Step Process

Rest assured, our process is designed to be transparent. Our goal is to reduce the stress you experience at this traumatic time, not add to it.

Step 1
Initial FREE telephone consultation to establish basic care provision needs.


Step 2
A full assessment of your long term care planning, with key recommendations on services required.

Step 3
You will be appointed with a dedicated care advocate to manage and co-ordinate all aspects of your care planning.

“At Eldermera, we pride ourselves on our individual approach to each customer, our compassion and our ability to support you through every stage of the planning process through a dedicated care advocate.”

At Eldermera, we take our compliance obligations very seriously. Our goal is to provide you with complete transparency on your care assessment needs and costs, and clarity on precisely who will be dealing with your care.

The Eldermera elderly care network service falls into three distinct categories covering care provision and advance care planning for dementia, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating long term mental and physical conditions from one single point of contact. Elderly care planning, provision and scrutiny are provided by Health Advocacy UK Ltd, legal services and support are provided by Romain Coleman solicitors, while Lloyd & Co are authorised to conduct a range of care advocacy and financial planning activities.

Combining multiple care aspects into one easy to cope with service

Finding the right level of care for a loved one is a tough challenge. We take care of this, covering all aspects of planning, legal services and care provision.

Typical Costs

Please note that these are the costs for individual services. We create ‘packages’ around your specific needs. For a more representative view of costs, take a look at some of ways we’ve assisted others, “here“.


Care needs assessment analysis 

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Power of Attorney and legal process support

From £450 plus VAT and the registration fee

Structured elderly care financial planning

Free initial review of finances

Care home inspection and due diligence

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

NHS care funding eligibility assessment

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Our Service Pledges and Commitments to You

You are unique

Every case is different and requires different approaches: we will tailor delivery around your own specific care circumstances and needs.

Clear information

We will provide you with clear information and make that available in advance of key meetings, so you have an opportunity to consider what you want to do.

Price transparency

We will be transparent about service costs, care and administration fees so that you can make clear decisions on which elements of our service you wish to take out.

Plain speaking

If we do not think that we can help you obtain better care provision, or make significant savings on your long term care, we will say so.