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How We Work

Co-ordinating your long term care planning needs and legal and financial arrangements under one roof.

Do you know how NHS continuing care funding works for long term elderly care?

Have you undertaken a care costs analysis of the services and care provision you need?

Have you spoken to an expert in long term care provision and come up with a plan?

Have you taken the right legal measures to grant formal responsibility for the care needs of a loved one?

Do you have a sound financial strategy in place to meet the costs of long term care?

A simple transparent process for a complex issue

Looking after the care needs and financial affairs of loved ones as they grow older presents a complex, sensitive set of challenges.

Too often this involves having to deal with several different, unconnected organisations, which can be a stressful, emotional and protracted process for patients, carers and their families.

Our fully transparent process involves 3 simple steps, ensuring you’re fully in control and understand any costs involved at all times

An initial FREE telephone consultation to establish basic care provision needs for you or your loved one.

A full assessment of your long term care planning, with key recommendations on services required.

You will be appointed with a dedicated care advocate to manage and co-ordinate all aspects of your care planning.


When you choose to work together with Eldermera, you will get:

A single point of contact and a care advocate who will seamlessly co-ordinate all your elderly care needs, saving you considerable time and stress.

An introductory care needs analysis which will clearly identify the care, legal and financial services you require. This ensures nothing is missed.

Full access to a range of elderly care planning expertise, underpinned by an appropriate level of legal services and support.

Fully regulated financial planning and advice so that you can make informed decisions on how to meet current and future care costs.

In short, you choose what level of care provision and legal and financial support you need, our care team gets on with all the background work.

The first thing you need to do is give us a call on 0330 022 5778 (standard landline rates) or 0207 030 4923 and book a free consultation with our care team. This exercise will establish your baseline care provision requirements.

“At Eldermera, we pride ourselves on our individual approach to each customer, our compassion and our ability to support you through every stage of the planning process through a dedicated care advocate.”

You will then receive a full assessment of your long term care needs. This will look not only on who delivers and pays for your care or that of a loved one, but also what legal and financial measures need to be taken. For example, do you need to apply or lodge an appeal for NHS continuing care funding, is a Power of Attorney document required, do you need to put a care fee payment plan in place.

Once we have worked out your own specific care needs, your dedicated care advocate will pull all of these services together and manage them for you. Eldermera will sort out all of your paperwork, whether it’s working with care providers, solicitors or financial organisations.

This is a crucial aspect: one of the most difficult challenges faced by those looking after an elderly friend or relative is having to deal with several different organisations and all of the associated legal paperwork. This can be extremely time consuming and highly stressful, especially when you have other important commitments like childcare or a full time job. With Eldermera, you are in safe hands, because your care advocate knows what needs to be done.

Typical Costs

Please note that these are the costs for individual services. We create ‘packages’ around your specific needs. For a more representative view of costs, take a look at some of ways we’ve assisted others, “here“.


Care needs assessment analysis 

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Power of Attorney and legal process support

From £450 plus VAT and the registration fee

Structured elderly care financial planning

Free initial review of finances

Care home inspection and due diligence

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

NHS care funding eligibility assessment

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Our Service Pledges and Commitments to You

You’re Unique

Every case is different and requires different approaches: we will tailor delivery around your own specific care circumstances and needs.

Clear Information

We will provide you with clear information and make that available in advance of key meetings, so you have an opportunity to consider what you want to do.

Cost Transparency

We will be transparent about service costs, care and administration fees so that you can make clear decisions on which elements of our service you wish to take out.

Honesty Throughout

If we do not think that we can help you obtain better care provision, or make significant savings on your long term care, we will say so.